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11/1/2019 9:48:00 AM | Bebe

Hi guys!  I want to thank all my Bebelievers who have followed me over the years.  I have taken my job very serious representing myself as a beautiful fun frisky feline educator.  The most fun part was being beautiful, as it came so easy.  Today I am letting you know that Bobbi, whom many of you have met as she perches herself upfront rubbing herself up against any and all clients that walk through the door, will be taking over my blog for me.  I know she will do a great job as she carries on the feline education for the clinic.  I have been recently diagnosed with kidney failure and not doing so great, but today is not a day to be sad, today is a day to celebrate.  No tears shall be shed for me.  I want everyone to break out the cat nip, squeeze cheese and tuna fish and party like its 1999.  As I turn over the torch to the Boisterous Bobbi, I want to leave you with this quote “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away".  FYI cat nip and toy mice = those moments!  You should try it.  Once a Bebeliever, always a Bebeliever, remember that! I’m on to the Rainbow Bridge for many more adventures guys. I will be watching over you from a warm dryer in the sky. 

8/27/2019 10:31:00 AM | Bebe

It’s been a while guys, but something has come about that I want to shout from the roof tops, or should I say from the top of the warm dryer where I am laying right now.  PROHEART 12 is finally here!!!! Means nothing to me as a feline, but all my dawgs from the block can benefit from this.  So I have found it seems to be human nature to be forgetful.  Definitely human nature, because I remember everything.  Like I remember back when the clinic decided to get a new clinic cat Bobbi and then I could hear all the clients talking about how friendly she is and they all ask what happened to her tail, yeah I remember the day I was told I am getting a bunk mate. Anyways, these humans don’t mean to, but they do forget things from time to time and why should they have to remember to give a heartworm prevention pill or treat each month when they can come in and get one injection and be done for the whole year? 
So these are the fast facts as I see it.  One injection lasts one whole year!!! It only takes one mosquito to cause heartworm disease and your pet could die. The lovely people here at the clinic decided why don’t we give the clients a savings and came up with the idea to charge for 11 months of prevention, yet you get protection for 1 FULL YEAR for your best friend.  Then to throw the cherry on top of this sweet deal, the company Zoetis the makers of Proheart 12 has Pet Rewards and you can get $20 back on a credit card to be used for anything here in the clinic.  That means, you can buy food, put it towards an exam, refill a prescription or if you really wanted to, you could buy treats for me and reward me for my fabulous education, LOL.  They don’t call it a Rewards card for nothing.  Just kidding, I work for free, but you could buy some treats with your rewards and take them home and make your pets work for them.
Come on in guys, get your dawg protected with Proheart 12 today!!!

12/7/2018 10:52:00 AM | Bebe

Season’s greetings my dear friends.  Today I get talk to you with my new side kick by my side, Bobbie.  I’ve always wanted a brother or sister to lay around with and do, well frankly, do nothing with.  My wish came true! Santa really is real and just happened to come early this year.  Dr. Lorenz had a cat named Bobbie, (because she is a bobtail), which I was told I do not get to make fun of her stub, and Bobbie stayed outside living a care free life enjoying the breeze, chasing the birds and well just being an overachieving athletic kitty.  Then one day Dr. Lorenz noticed she was not feeling well and brought her into the clinic.  She was having some kidney problems and was not feeling so well.  She stayed here for probably over a month, which in cat months is what I like to call a really long time. She received fluids and treatments and finally was doing better and to my surprise one of the girls here asked since she has been here so long, can we keep her?  Dr. Lorenz actually said YES!  They were afraid we wouldn’t get along, so for weeks they only let one of us out at a time.  This is not what having a sister is supposed to be like, me watching her walk around getting all the attention, I was not a happy camper.  Then one day someone decided, let’s see how they do together and it’s all history from there.
Bobbie is now my partner in crime.  What can we do to be mischievous? Unlike me, she likes to get out and take a stroll around the clinic and I am not usually one to fall into peer pressure, but I got to say, I saw her being adventurous and so I decided maybe I too might want to rub my scent in other areas of the clinic. However, this girl is crazy! When she sees people walking into the bathroom, she sprints down the hall to join them.  WHAAAAT!?! This is where I draw the line, I can wait until they get out, lol.  When she is not visiting the humans during the potty breaks, the two of us can be found on a regular occurrence warming up side-by-side on the dryer enjoying one of our many naps a day.  The best part is, I will get to spend my Christmas and New Years with a sister this year J.  Maybe if we are lucky, this will be the year we actually get the mouse I keep asking for each year and nobody seems to deliver on. I promise if I get a mouse this year, I WILL share.  We could play mouseball together.  That’s like football, but instead of a football, we will use our mouse.  I’ll go long and Bobbie will throw a hell Mary and I’ll catch the mouse, cross the goal line and I’ll be the MVP.  I can hear the roar of the crowd!!!!!
Well I hear Bobbie calling so I must go now.  I hope everyone has a purrrrfect holiday and they get everything they wished for.  Don’t forget the temperatures are dropping and we need to take care of our outside fur family and make sure they have a warm shelter.  As well, it is very important that I mention again that outside animals sometimes seek shelter under the hood of the cars, so please knock on your hood before cranking that baby up.  I leave you now with reciting a familiar poem to you that unfortunately in my world is so true.  “Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, NOT EVEN A MOUSE.  Never mind, I will stop there until I get MY mouse. Merry Christmas Ya’ll!

8/7/2018 11:00:00 AM | Bebe

We are entering that time of the year when I see the parents are getting giddy about the school year starting back up.  They get to ship their kids off to a daily babysitter, the house gets quiet and they don’t come home to dishes piled up in the sink.  I get it, trust me there is a reason I am spayed, I don’t have time to be cleaning up after little fur balls that don’t respect a clean home.  During the hustle and bustle of school shopping and pulling your hair out looking for manila paper, don’t forget it is hot out there and us animals might need a little extra care.  Make sure the water bowls stay filled.  I am a glass half full kind of girl, but I have to say I prefer good fresh water filled to the brim. Be sure you don’t leave dogs out back too long because in these temperatures it doesn’t’ take long for a heat stroke to happen.  If you like to take your pups for a car ride be sure you do not leave them in the car unattended. Thank goodness I don’t have to do car rides!!!!  Sorry, got a little side tracked there, anyways, did you know that if you leave your dog in the car not running when it is 95 degrees outside it takes only 10 minutes to get up to 114 degrees and in 30 minutes it will be a whopping 129! Wheeewww that is too hot for this girl wearing a fur coat all year round! I have a tip for you guys walking your dogs during this summer heat.  If you press your hand on the concrete for 7 seconds and can’t stand it, neither can your dog paw pads.  Between 10am and 5pm it takes only 35 seconds to cause second degree burns on your pets paw pads during these summer months. When it is 87 degrees outside the asphalt will be 143 degrees.  I know here in Texas we see 87 degrees and we think “Yeah, a cold front just came through,” however to a dog’s paws, that is not the case.  So on a side note at the end of the summer you should call your local pools around town because many of them offer dog days of swimming.  Notice I said dog days, if someone tried to pack me up, put me in my two piece that I rock so well and took me to the pool, they might just walk away looking like a tiger after I leave stripes all up and down their arms with my claws.  I’m just saying I may or may not be scared of water and no floaties do not remedy the fear, just sayin’.  

So good luck to all you parents getting your kids school shopping done, may you find every school supply you are looking for at the first store and may you take solace in knowing peace is coming very soon.  My last bit of advice, when you look at that school list and you think to yourself, why am I buying the teacher copy paper, dry erase markers or paper towels, shouldn’t they buy these things themselves, just remember this is the woman/man who will teach your kids each day, but most importantly these are the people who will keep you from coming home to a dirty house and screaming kids.  See when you look at it that way you are probably thinking to yourself “Where can I buy a case of copy paper?”  So that’s all I got folks, time to fit in another cat nap.  Have a cat-fabulous day and I will talk to you soon.  

6/29/2018 3:18:00 PM | Bebe

Kaboom!!! Are you ready to celebrate this Independence Day?  Yell it from the rooftops and tell people how proud you are to live in this great country of ours.  Mingle with your family, stuff your face (that’s my favorite part), and light up the night sky.  This is my kind of holiday!  If you are a firecracker like myself, you will celebrate until the neighbors come by and say “Enough is enough, some of us have to work tomorrow.”  Of course I don’t have to work, well other than looking good I don’t have to work the following day, so I say it is once a year, have a blast people.  I will live through all you guys considering the fact is, I will be here in the clinic tucked away in my little condo.  I do love to hear the stories the following day from the humans about all the beautiful fireworks they saw and I lick my lips as I hear them talk about barbeque, macaroni and cheese, baked beans and potato salad, oh my! Can you make a plate for this girl?
However, as always I am an eduCATor, so I must fulfill my duty in informing you of how to celebrate safely.  I know as fun as this holiday is for the humans, it can be quite stressful for some of my fellow four-legged friends.  Some of the pets out there may require prescription medications to help sedate them, which you can pick up here from the clinic. Some may say they are scaredy-cats, but I don’t like that term because, HEY, many of them are dogs you know. Why do we have to label it as if it is just cats??? Either way please make sure your furry friend is not overly stressed.  I always advise to lock the pets up in a room so they don’t get scared and dart out into the night of brightly colorful skies.  And if you happen to have an Uncle Joe that thinks blowing stuff up is fun, please keep an eye on this guy.  This is the guy who ends up losing his eyebrows.  No fun 4thof July ended with someone saying “That was really cool when we set the house on fire,” so please take precautions to be safe.  Lastly, I know how bad I would like to partake in your yummy feast, but remember many of these foods are not good for us furry bundles of joy, so please make sure the pets cannot get into the food or beverages.  Let’s face it, we are quick and by the time you catch us sneaking a bite or two, we will flee so fast you might question if you really saw a cat with his paw in the ranch dip and a potato chip hanging out of his mouth. 
So as I let you go so I can take my 5th cat nap of the day, I want to quote Pete Marshall and give you a little wisdom.  “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right.”  Happy 4th of July guys, please be safe! Kaboom!!!! And just like that the Queen Bebe is gone!

5/4/2018 11:40:00 AM | Bebe

It’s Cinco De Mayo Party Time!  I love to celebrate with the bright colors, the festivities and great music. I might be what you would refer to as a party animal.  Yeah, this girl is full of jokes.  What I don’t want at my party is ticks or fleas.  We can dance until the sun goes down, but don’t bring any ticks or fleas with you or I will send you packin’. 
Let me tell you a little story about when I use to run with the fleas.  These fellas are not who you want to hang with.  They will suck you dry, live off of you and have no remorse.  In addition to this, these little guys will host parties of their own deep in your fur and scurry around making you itch like crazy keeping you up all hours of the night.  They think this is really funny to annoy their host or in my case hostess, but I see no humor in their shenanigans. Then they go invite their unwanted cousins over which are worse than them.  These cousins of theirs, refer to their gang as ticks.  These ticks think they are showing hospitality when they leave you with diseases and anemia.  I don’t want their hospitality, nor do I care to socialize with the likes of them.  If I didn’t make myself clear, I will spell it out for you, if you want to come to my party you better be F-L-E- A and T- I-C-K   F-R-E-E!
My humans here at the clinic, they understand not getting hooked up with the wrong crowd and help me out every month by giving me Revolution so I don’t have to fight the fight.  My dog friends around here use many other products including Trifexis and Nexgard to keep the fleas and ticks at bay.  Best part about these products is my humans at the vet clinic know how strongly I feel about this subject, so to do their part, they help their clients save on all three of these products.  If you buy 12 months of Nexgard with Heartgard you can save $50.00.  If you buy 12 months of Trifexis, you can save $50.  If you buy 12 months of Revolution, you can save $35.00.  So now that you are in the know, you can grab your sombrero, put on your dancing shoes and come party with me.  It’s sure to be a super-cat-tastic time.

4/20/2018 7:55:00 AM | Bebe

Hey Guys, sorry I’ve been gone so long. I’ve been napping a lot through the winter and just when I think spring is here, we get yet another cold spell.  Good ol’ Texas, you never know what you’re going to get.  Wish I could say that about my kitty feasts, but every day the same thing is served.  They say the food is therapeutic, so I guess my humans do know best.  Anyways because it is “supposed” to be warming up soon I figured I should take this opportunity to talk about something dear to my heart, heartworms!  I say it is dear to my heart, because if I didn’t receive my monthly heartworm prevention, I could get heartworms.  Did you know that there is no cure for heartworms in a cat?  Sudden death could occur if I was infected with just one heartworm!!! Meowsers!!!!
I wanted to go over some important facts to educat you.  Yes, I know how to spell, but today you will not be educated, you will learn facts from a cat which translates to educat.  See it’s not just good looks, all though I certainly am not lacking in that area as you can see.  So here we go, grab a pen and take notes folks.
1.       Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitos.  We all know mosquitos might as well be the state bird here in Texas.  Due to our weather, we typically have mosquitos all year round in Texas. Let’s not forget mosquitos are indoor/outdoor nuisances, so it is important that all cats and dogs receive prevention.
2.       Again I repeat, there is no cure for heartworms in cats. One heartworm can be fatal.
3.       The expense to treat a dog for heartworms can cost from $1400-$2500.
4.       Treating your dog for heartworms can be uncomfortable and painful, not to mention the strict confinement for a month after each of the two treatments.
It is less expensive to be proactive than reactive.  Man when I rhyme like that, I just sound smart! It is best to protect your pet than to lose the bet.  See, I did it again, lol. I love this stuff. Anyways, we live in Texas, so I beg you, please give your cats and dogs their monthly dose of heartworm prevention.  There should be no excuses. Can you come up with a good reason not to protect your faithful furry friend?  Does the cat have your tongue?  No, the cat does not have your tongue, there is no good reason.  Look, my humans here do everything they can to save you money on the different heartworm preventions and they go as far as to send in rebates for you, so get in and pick up some heartworm prevention right meow and save a life.  

12/8/2017 9:39:00 AM | Bebe

The cold weather has finally arrived.  Well I say that, but next week I hear this fur coat will not be the right attire AGAIN. Either way today it is cold and tomorrow you never know. What I do know, it is time to go over the winter hazards to make sure all my fellow fur friends are well taken care of this winter.
There are so many things to cover when it comes to winter safety, so hopefully I do a good job. I have been thinking about it since I saw the humans bring out the hot cocoa topped off with fluffy marshmallows. So pay attention meow, you won’t want to skim through this one.  There are many pets who reside outside and even though you never know what the Texas weather holds for us, you can be certain without much warning we can wake up to freezing temperatures so please make sure outside pets have shelter from the cold wind.  You can put blankets in their home or even give them a little extra cushion with some hay to help keep them warm. Also make sure these shelters are protected from precipitation and do not allow water to get in them.  Do not leave heated blankets or heating pads out for pets because they could chew through wires and get electrocuted or even burned by these items.  Antifreeze is deadly so please, please make sure you do not have a leak or spill any in the drive way because us pets think antifreeze is a delicious treat. In addition, there is another car hazard that is very important to remember.  Cats will climb up under the hoods of your car and turning your car on can become deadly.  Please bang on your hood once or twice before starting your car to make sure it is free of animals looking for shelter. If you have short haired dogs it never hurts to buy them their own coat if you are taking them on walks or if they will be outside for more than a few minutes.  Booties are not only adorably cute, but can protect your dog’s paws from the cold concrete and avoid any salt crystals that someone may have sprinkled down from getting into their paw pads. Lastly we know this month comes with much celebration and decorations that can be harmful to your pets as well.  Be sure during parties the pets cannot partake in the food or alcohol.  Tinsel and garland can be choking hazards for pets of all sizes.  Yes, I know my picture shows me enjoying the sparkly red garland, but I promise, I was supervised at all times.  Ornaments and balls on your Christmas tree may look like a fun toy for us critters and may result in broken glass etc, so be on the lookout for naughty behavior and nip it in the bud.  Yes we too sometimes get naughty and forget Santa is watching. 

So I hope all my information was pawsitively helpful and you and all your family have a wonderful holiday and stay safe this winter.  I think I will doze off and dream of sugar plums and mice now as there are no creatures stirring and we have no mice in the clinic.  That is on the top of my Christmas list as I really want a mouse! Every year I ask for a mouse and I think Dr. Lorenz tells Santa that I was naughty because I have yet to see a mouse. So I will end this with Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night, I have mice to count. Those silly little guys just love jumping over the moon. 

10/20/2017 10:59:00 AM | Bebe

I wish I may, I wish I might, have the pleasure of giving you Halloween Safety Insight. It is that time of year again when kids dress up, candy is passed out and everyone wants to enjoy Halloween night. With a little help from me, we can make sure your pet’s Halloween is done just right and with little fright.
Listen up meow, below you will find tips for a spooktacular holiday. Just simply read and follow these rules to avoid boostakes that may come your way.
1.       Keep all cats indoors and especially black cats.  Word on the street is bad things can happen to cats that is better left unsaid.
2.       Do not leave candy out where pets can partake in the ohhhh so yummy sweets. Chocolate is poison and trips to the Pet ER would not be a fun way to spend your night or money.
3.       Make sure all pets are locked up so they do not escape when the creaking door is opened to fill the candy bags of the ghouls and goblins.
4.       Do not leave pets unattended in costumes that might be constricting or have parts that the pet may decide to chew off and cause gastrointestinal obstruction. Now I ask you to close your eyes and imagine putting a costume on a cat with something dangling in the back.  Do you see the cat doing circles chasing the uncatchable.  Now you might have two things to worry about. That would be one dizzy kitty, lol.
5.       Lit pumpkins can be a fire hazard if knocked over by a pet who is stressed from all the excitement, so be sure they are not in your pet’s vicinity.

Now that I have taken care of the safety of my fellow feline and canine buddies, I would like to share a little side note on the trick or treaters.  Many people get upset when they see teenagers come to their door with their bag wide open looking for you to toss in a treat or two.  Meow I know, some may roll their eyes and get purrrrturbed, but remember kids have to grow up fast and most parents would rather have their teens out enjoying their youth doing something innocent and fun than to be out hanging with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble.  So if these teens show up at your door and have put an effort forth to dress up, when you place the candy in their bag, know you are helping a parent have a good night versus them dealing with a teenager up to no good. Happy Halloween to all my Be-Believers out there and I hope you too have a fang-tastic Halloween evening. 

7/11/2017 10:06:00 AM | Bebe

Summer time is here!!!!! I know this not because I feel the summer temperatures heating up, because I am living the privileged life indoors, but my best friend Bryan who works here in the kennel has started appearing for more shift lately which tells me it is summer.  I love my Bryan time!  When I can sneak him away from all the clients and other pets, I monopolize his time to give me belly rubs and tell me how I am the best kitty ever. With that being said and knowing Texas can be a scorcher, I figured I am on cat duty to educate you on avoiding summer hazards.
First I would like to talk to the clients that I like to refer to as exceptional pet owners.  These are the people who take their dogs for walks or even take them to dog parks to let them release all their built up dog energy.  I’m telling you these dogs, you release the leash and they are like Augustus Gloop in the Chocolate Factory, they go crazy running around with their tongues hanging out as if they forgot how to be dignified.  Anyways, I wanted to remind these owners to make sure their dogs paws are protected from hot concrete and carry water and a bowl to offer their dog a sippy sip to make sure they do not overheat.  To those pets that spend quite a bit of time outside, you should provide shade to avoid sunburns. That’s right I said it, dogs too can get sunburned and shade helps prevent heat exhaustion. If you have a pool, make sure it is gated to avoid accidental drownings. It’s devastating to see these types of emergencies come in the clinic. I don’t look pretty when I cry, so let’s avoid these types of visits please. Something else that should be avoided in the summer is leaving your pets in the car.  Did you know it could be 78 degrees outside, but a car parked in the shade can register at 90 degrees and a car parked in the direct sunlight can get up to as high as 160 degrees.  Let’s face it guys, it’s not 78 degrees here in Texas, so I don’t even want to think how hot cars actually get in our summer heat.  That makes my brain hot just thinking about it.
So it’s not just the heat in Texas that causes problems in the summer, have you heard of the pesky little mosquito?  Yeah you know the tiny insect that makes you do a dance and slap yourself silly? Yep, that’s the one.  Well these little pest are not only going to annoy you, but they carry heartworms, so please be sure to protect your pets by giving them a monthly heartworm prevention.  It doesn’t matter if I’m an indoor pet or an outdoor pet, I need my monthly heartworm prevention because even when I asked for a sign to be put up that said “Mosquito’s Keep Out,” it did nothing because come to find out mosquitoes can’t read.  I have seen what a dog goes through when they come in for heartworm treatment and it’s not pretty.  Not to mention they have to endure strict cage rest for a month after each treatment and that is dog gone crazy talk.  Worse than that, there is no treatment for cats!  In addition to those mosquitoes, I am not fond of the fleas or ticks.  These little guys are just down right nasty.  They make me itch, they feed on my blood, ewwwww and they lay up to 50 eggs a day.  What is wrong with them?  Have they ever heard of over population? Heartworm and flea prevention is the way to go, just sayin’.

To sum it up, if you are a responsible pet owner, you can take these blue skies and make wonderful pet memories by following these tips and enjoying your summer days.  I probably should go take a cat nap so I can wake up with some energy to exercise because I am thinking this year might just be the year for me to wear that itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini.  Enjoy your summer meow J

3/31/2017 11:22:00 AM | Bebe

I would like to apologize to my Be-Believers for my absence.  I have to say I’ve been all kinds of confused with the weather here in Texas and the warmth has made me extra sleepy and I might have increased my cat naps by a couple, or a few, or OKAY, I increased my cat naps by a lot each day.  I thought spring started two months ago!  To my surprise I learned from these humans that spring just started.  When I heard this, my ears perked up like the Easter Bunny.  If I do say so myself, the Easter Bunny is quite the charming fella with those ears that stand so tall and fuzzy. Okay, I may or may not have a crush on this debonair, bouncy little fella.  Shhhhhhh!
Any who, hearing that it is spring, I realized I need to do my cat duty and inform every one of the dangers of the beautiful flowers that line our yards or fill a vase and smell oh so good. I wanted to start with a list of the most common plants and flowers you may have around your house that may be  dangerously disguised in beauty and pleasant aromas. Easter lilies are often in bouquets of flowers as well as in well-manicured landscaped yards. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying do not bring me a bouquet of flowers, I love flowers! I just ask that you leave out the lilies.  In case you want to know, because I know you do, I love bouquets full of bright colors of reds, oranges, purples and yellows. Oh, sorry, I think I got off track.  What can I say a girl likes flowers. Back to the topic at hand, or should I say topic at paw.  I crack myself up!!! So anyways, there are also so many beautiful flowers planted in the yards at this time of the year that can be poisonous that you should know about so pay close attention. I can get out my laser pointer if that helps keep you focused.  Many of these you may be shocked to see on the list, but be aware that Azalea, Oleander, Angel’s Trumpet, Day Lily, Tiger Lily, Elephant Ears and Sago Palm all can cause toxicity in your pets. Some of the less common that you should still make note of is Monkshood, Japanese Pieris, Lily of the Valley, Foxglove, Rhododendron, Autumn Crocus, Yew, Yesterday Today & Tomorrow and Calla Lilies that all made the list as well. 

I have seen first-hand pets being brought into the clinic for plant toxicity, so please be sure if you have pets at home that you do not choose these plants and flowers to brighten up your scenery.  There are many other plants that are purrfectly safe that if your pet took a little nibble there would be no adverse affects. We all know that is what us pets do, nibble on anything and everything.   Sometimes it may be a mild case of nausea, but some of these plants and flowers can actually lead to death.  I don’t like to use that word, but I am doing my cat duty and I want to make sure I get my point across, so I had to pull the “d” word out of my cat bag. Hey but in case you’re wondering the cat is still in the bag.  LOL, seriously, I crack myself up!!! Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and remember life is short and remember life is not measured by the amount of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. 

1/20/2017 10:00:00 AM | Bebe

Hi everyone, I see you survived the holidays.  I’m surprised you have survived this winter with all these freezing days and all.  Oh wait, that was a good dream I had of me on the sled zooming down the hill, fur flying in the wind, chasing all the mice who were wearing back packs that looked like cheese.  Now that I think about it, those mice were Green Bay Packer fans. GRRRR! That wasn’t a good dream, that was a nightmare!!! Those mice were teasing and taunting me about the win over the Cowboys.  Well we may not be on our way to the Super Bowl, but they’re still my boyz!
Enough of reliving the Cowboys loss, I really wanted to talk with MY fans out there about helping those in need.  If it weren’t for Dr. Lorenz, I could be a homeless kitty on the streets looking for my next meal.  So the subject is close to my heart thinking about those who are homeless.  The staff of BPRVC wants to join forces with you to make a difference and do something nice for not only the homeless people, but for their animal companions who give the homeless a reason to wake up every day.  We will have a bin in our lobby and until February 8th and we will collect shoes and socks for the humans and cat/dog food for the homeless pets on the streets. Regardless if it is cold or hot these people need something to protect their feet and they would spend their last dollar to feed their pet, so we would like to help them feed their pets.
 The staff of BPRVC, whom I like to call the greatest humans in the world, well because they have been extra good to me, will actually take these collected items themselves and pass them out to the homeless.  They told me they want to shake their hand or give them a hug and let them know that people really do care.  You cannot save the world by yourself, but if you put a smile on someone’s face and help them out with something they really need, you can say you have made a difference for at least one person.  You have to start somewhere, I heard them say.  I wish I could go out to help them pass the collected items out, but if you were to put me in a carrier, well all my hair would stand on end and I might just poop myself, so I will leave that up the humans. I will be there in spirit J

I can now say I have done my part to get the ball rolling on this great cause.  Please come by the clinic during business hours and drop off shoes, socks, or pet food and know that we will get it in the hands of someone who needs it. If you cannot get by the clinic, we hope that you are inspired to pay it forward in some other way.  Thank you in advance from all of us here at the clinic. Time to go MEOW, I scheduled a pampering session with my favorite human Bryan.

12/21/2016 10:38:00 AM | Bebe

Winter in Texas is finally here, so I’ve been told.  Of course that doesn’t mean it won’t be 70 degrees tomorrow.  I wanted to be sure to spread the word on how to keep my fellow fur friends warm this winter if they are exposed to the frigid weather conditions.  We all know I was blessed with this beautiful mocha and chocolate colored fur coat, but that is not enough when the temperature dips down below freezing. 
I know most people keep their own pets inside and safe with them bundled up next to the fire, sipping tuna flavored hot chocolate, but if you know of other pets outside that you can help, please follow these steps to help them make it through the winter. 
1.        Outside pets burn more energy in the winter trying to keep warm so you may need to increase the amount they are fed.
2.       Use a plastic water bowl so their tongues don’t get stuck to the bowl.  I know you saw the movie The Christmas Story with the kid and the pole, right?  Well this could happen to pets too.  I know you can’t get the image out of your head now.
3.       Check their water bowls frequently to make sure they have fresh and unfrozen water.  Us pets don’t need our drinks on the rocks, lol.
4.       Create a warm space for the outdoor animals sheltered from the wind.  You can always add cedar shavings or straw to help keep them warm and you want their bed to be elevated from the ground to keep out wetness should it rain.
5.       A very important tip during the cold weather pertains to Antifreeze.  That stuff sure taste good to us animals, but it could be life threatening.  Why is all the good stuff poisonous to us?  First I’m told no chocolate and now Antifreeze is off limits too!  So be sure to keep Antifreeze cleaned up in the driveways because I know Bubba down the street, well he’s not real bright, and he may take a lick or two not realizing the consequences.  
6.       The last tip I want to give is really important.  So I had an Uncle Joe who had curled up to take a nap under the hood of a neighbor’s car as it was so warm and cozy.  The warmest place Uncle Joe could find he said.  He was in a really good slumber taking a catnap when luckily that neighbor knocked on his hood before he got in his car and started it up.  Uncle Joe woke up in a flash and left his warm bed just in the nick of time.  That story could have ended very badly and Uncle Joe wouldn’t have been around to tell me that story, so please always knock on your hood to make sure your car is kitty free. While you’re at it you could tell a knock knock joke for giggles.  I mean who doesn’t like a good knock knock joke?
Knock Knock!
Who’s there? 
Claws who?
Santa Claws!!!!!

So I gave you advice on how to help my fellow fur friends out this winter and I told you a joke, so I hope you don’t mind, but I would like to write out my Christmas list meow, so I will catch up to you guys later. Want to make sure Santa Claws brings me some catnip this year.  I hope you all have a very Meowey Christmas and a Happy New Year.

11/18/2016 3:33:00 PM | Bebe

Hello out there to my Be-Believers!  Do you see what I did there?  I know that young boy, Justin Bieber, has Beliebers, so why can’t I name my fans? Meow that we have that squared away, I wanted to talk to you about one of my favorite holidays coming up.  I love the beautiful decorations in the fall colors and most importantly, I love that it is a time to give thanks.  I know I am very thankful to Dr. Lorenz for giving me a place to call home and all the humans who play with me each day and give me a good petting, well I am thankful for them as well. I want to do my part to make sure your Thanksgiving with your pets is a great memory and not a trip to the Emergency Animal Clinic so get ready for Cat Course 101.
So the humans get up early, throw on the apron and spend all day in the kitchen cooking, which frankly is hard on us animals smelling the goodness but knowing all the dangers that lurk in the food they are preparing.  Most people know that turkey bones are dangerous because they can splinter in the intestines, but did you know that sage is poisonous to cats and dogs?  Well if you didn’t know that there are many more foods and ingredients that you will use in the next week to make your dinner extra yummy that should be kept away from us pets. Onions and garlic contain sulfides that can lead to anemia.  Walnuts and macadamia nuts can cause a toxic reaction in dogs and cats called “macadamia nut toxicosis.” Within 12 hours of eating them your pet can have tremors, not be able to stand, vomiting and fever.  Nutmeg can cause seizures in dogs and cats and as we know this spice is used in many Thanksgiving recipes.  Grapes and raisins have an unknown toxin that can cause damage to the kidneys. Any alcohol and specifically the hops in beer is toxic and in some cases cause death.  Most humans know chocolate is a no-no, but did you know leaving out raw dough in paws reach is bad?  The raw dough not only contains uncooked eggs that could contain Salmonella, but the dough can rise in the belly causing bloating and discomfort.  I have touched on some of the dangers hiding in your kitchen this Thanksgiving but a good “rule of paw” is to not let your pets get to any of the human food regardless if it is Thanksgiving or not as this is just a small list of foods that should be avoided.

So consider yourself educated in the Cat Course 101 by Ms. Bebe.  I do hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving and remember as we express our gratitude, we must never forget the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  Last thing before I let you go, do you know how I am supposed to remove this fur coat?  It is way too hot here in Texas to wear this coat on Thanksgiving.  I was thinking maybe a baggy off the shoulder blouse would be more appropriate.  Just kidding my Be-Believers, go stuff your bellies already, I will talk to you soon.
"I'm shaking my tail feathers!"

10/28/2016 8:44:00 AM | Bebe

Oh so much has happened since I last spoke to my fans.  I’m not going to lie goodbyes make me an emotional wreck and losing one of my best friends at the clinic dropped me down to the tips of my paws whaling on the floor.  We all miss Jennifer around here and she has only been gone a week and a half. Enough of that sad stuff because a woman can only cry so much. On the pawsitive side of things, I have got two new friends at the clinic and I’m really excited about what they will bring to this great practice, in other words the good rubbing they will bring me. Jenny and Amanda have joined this team and between you and me, they are as lucky as a cat receiving a Cat Nip Box once a week.  They hit the jack pot when they joined this clinic, not only is the staff great, but the clients are super pawsome. 
For all those super pawsome clients, I would like to pass on my cat knowledge to make sure you and your family have a spooktacular Halloween and your pets stay safe. When witches go riding and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 'tis near Halloween.  That was me trying to be scary, but in all seriousness the #1 Rule at Halloween is to keep those sweets away from the furry crew.  Chocolate and Xylitol are poisons I tell you, POISONS!  Not only that but I have these two friends who are two very cute 4 month old kittens who get into everything and like those teenage humans, they think they are always starving. Go figure Earl and Cletus went into the trash and ate barbeque and boy did those twin orange felines pay for that.  These guys didn’t want to eat for a week and had diarrhea and had to end up having pills shoved down their throats.  FYI, us cats don’t like pills shoved down our throats.  So please humans, make sure you are not letting your pets get to the human food during parties. While we all know that Halloween is a fun holiday, a revolving door and pets do not go hand in hand, or should I say paw in paw.  Man I crack myself up!  Be sure to lock up your fur family so you don’t have to spend your night roaming the neighborhood looking for them and be mistaken for a zombie.  Being that I am from the feline family I would not be doing my duty if I did not mention that cats, particularly black cats, are in danger on Halloween!  Please do not let your cats out on or around Halloween because, well…. I can’t even say out loud what bad things could happen to them.  That conversation shuts down my purr box faster than you can pull that bag of food away from me that I just ripped into hoping to get an extra kibble or two.

Well, back to my Halloween photo shoot.  See the humans think that they have to give me treats to participate in these photo shoots they do to post my pictures on this blog, but honestly, I just want to put my beauty out there for the world to see and I would do it treat free, but don’t tell them I said that!  Got to go for meow, but don’t worry I will talk to you soon.  

10/6/2016 10:33:00 AM | Bebe

Today, I get to report to all my blog followers that there is great stuff going on around here in October.  I wanted to tell you about Dental Specials going on this month. I see all my furry friends coming in to get pearly whites, but what they don’t know is they are not entering a best smile contest, they are here to improve their health.  Silly kitties and dogs think it’s all about looking good.  Well it’s not! I mean I look fabulous and I take real good care of my teeth, so yes I would win the best smile contest, but I am here to educate my fellow fur friends about the importance of dentals and tell the humans how they can save money in October.
So let’s discuss all the benefits of having a dental cleaning. Yes healthy teeth equal better breath, which is a good thing, I don’t want my breath smelling like tuna tarts. There is also the benefit of having retained baby teeth removed so they don’t cause problems in the future. You know us dogs and cats are very stoic and we try to put on a happy face, but unfortunately, we may not let you know we have a tooth ache until it is severe and requires more detailed dental work. Losing teeth can be very painful and that is something I know I don’t ever want to feel. What most pets and humans don’t know, I’m about to educate you on.  Wait for it, wait for it…..Dental disease leads to other health problems.  That’s right, if you don’t take care of your teeth you can hurt your internal organs!  Swallowing all that bacteria is bad for your body.  Humans take care of their teeth, why shouldn’t our teeth be taken care of?

Now that I have educated the humans and their pet companions, don’t you want to set up a dental and save 10% on all dental services?  You can even save 10% on the lab work that checks your pet’s organs to make sure they can process the anesthesia.  Not to mention any dental items you purchase you will also save 10%.  Appointments are very limited and booking up fast so call and schedule as quick as a cat runs up a tree with a dog on its tail. Are you ready for my jingle?  Call us meow to schedule a dental at 972-699-7387.

9/29/2016 12:37:00 PM | Bebe

It’s me again Queen BeBe…Just another day in the animal clinic I like to call home.  You know some days when my morning starts off a little slow I don’t reach for my coffee the way these humans do to get a jump start on my day, I decide the best way to wake up is with some belly giggles.  So I was sitting around on my dryer, you know just getting warmed up for the day and I look over to my cage, which I like to refer to as my “kitty condo” and I think to myself, let’s give these humans something to do.  So I notice one of the humans was cleaning my condo for me and suddenly they just left the area leaving my towel and litter box sitting out on the floor.  How dare them tend to another animal before finishing their duties for me.  Do they think I’m going to do my business right here, right in the open, right in the middle of the floor?  I am a lady for cat’s sake, I do not do the unmentionables for the whole world to see. So I decided for chuckles I would summon the humans to finish the job.  So oopsie daisies, I tipped over my litter box and I laid right down next to it so there would be no misunderstanding that yep, I did that.  What ya gonna do?  Oh, clean it….. thank you!!!!  There’s that belly laugh I was talking about, I sat back with a grin placed neatly under my whiskers as I watched the silly human clean up my mess and she kept saying “BeBe!!!! Look what you did!!!”  Yep I did that alright, what’s a lady gonna do tinkle in the open, I think not!  Best part of this whole story, this human went and rewarded me with some cat nip afterwards.  Oh I’ll have to tell you about that cat nip stuff on another day because right now I do believe it’s time for my third nap of the day, I mean it’s already 8 a.m.  Bye for meow!

9/7/2016 11:05:00 AM | Bebe

Hello to everyone!  I would like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about me.  My formal name the “Humans” gave me is Queen Bebe.  They like to shorten it and call me Bebe, but I think they forget the most important part, as I am a Queen! I stumbled across this place called Buckingham-Plano Road Veterinary Clinic a few years back when Dr. Lorenz opened his heart to me and invited me in to stay.  Now I call this place home, and I’ve got to tell you it’s not too shabby!  In between my 15 cat naps a day, which I like to call my purrrrdy rest, I find the opportunity to sneak away and see if I can find a kibble or two that might have been dropped on the floor.  If no luck there, I’m not going to lie, I’m not above chewing through a bag to get a Bebe Snack. Hey, if Scooby can have a snack named after him, why can’t I???  The “Humans” don’t like when I do this as I can tell when I hear my name called out in a high pitch voice, “BEBE!”  I hear them, but I pretend I’m asleep and of course as I crack my eye ever so slightly open, I see the silly “Humans” walk away.  By the way have you ever tried to sleep on this thing they call a dryer?  Let me tell you it’s a little piece of kitty heaven if you ask me.  A little vibration to rock me to sleep and warmth to keep me cozy, no wonder I take 18 cat naps a day. Oh wait did I say 18, I meant 15, uh yeah 18 would be way too many, right?   I highly recommend this to you if you haven’t tried it, sleep on a dryer and you too may take 15 cat naps a day.  Well you know who I am now, Queen Bebe the clinic cat at Buckingham-Plano Road Veterinary Clinic, and in the future I look forward to telling you all about my life as a clinic kitty and all the things that I see going on in my home. 

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