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Cesarean Section (C-Section)

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Cesarean Section (C-Section)

Whether you are a breeder or have an accidental litter, your pet might be faced with the need for a Cesarean section (C-section). There are many reasons that female pets require a C-section, ranging from a narrow birth canal to an awkward positioning of the litter. In some cases, a C-section can save the mother and litter’s lives. Our skilled surgeons are proud to offer our patients scheduled and emergency Cesarean section services.

Reason for a Cesarean section: 

·         Fetal distress. 

·         Irregularity of a particular breed, namely size or shape of newborn. 

·         Litter consists of a single offspring. 

·         Litter is in awkward position and cesarean section might be necessary to save litter. 

·         Mother is having difficulty with natural birthing, and C-section becomes necessary. 

·         Mother’s pelvic shape or size. 

·         Mothers that have previously had litters via cesarean will likely require C-section for future litters.

What does a Cesarean section involve?

Once our doctors have determined that a C-section is necessary, emphasis is placed on extracting the newborns hastily in order to decrease time under anesthesia and newborn exposure to anesthetic agents. In all cases, great precision and care are taken to ensure the safety and health of mother and babies. Initially, the mother’s abdomen is cleaned and shaved to reveal the surgical site. The mother then receives an injection of local anesthesia around the proposed incision site to numb the area and lessen the total amount of general anesthesia necessary for the surgery. An sedative is then introduced to allow the mother to completely relax. The midline incision is then made, exposing the uterus. Each newborn is gently extracted from the uterus and placed in neonatal care where breathing is stimulated, the amniotic sac is removed, fluid is taken out of their lungs, and their umbilical cords are tied. The mother’s incision is then sutured closed.

If you have any questions about Cesarean section surgeries or would like to schedule a surgery, please contact our office